Your ordinary self is enough.

- Carol Orsborn, Inner Excellence

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Stories

“It’s been too long since you’ve written, my friend.” I had just walked into my office, and was checking my phone messages before I could even sit down at my desk. I listened to Angela’s recorded words, whispering gently in my ear. They caught me off-guard. I pulled the chair up and slowly lowered myself into it, still cradling the now silent phone, and stared off into space.

She wasn’t referring to unwritten letters or emails or any kind of correspondence to maintain a faraway friendship. No, Angela works in the same building with me, one floor up. She meant my stories. And she was right.

The words just haven’t come as readily as before. I’ve been afraid that the stories had just left me. And since the stories are all about the good stuff and God and love, I’ve been afraid that all of that had left me as well.

But Angela knew better. And she reminded me that I know better, too. I’ve just forgotten to look. There are stories everywhere.

In the tired face of my husband Mark, who comes home in the evening from visiting and caring for his elderly father after a full day of work. He tells me how hard it is to see his dad decline in his older years. There is grief in Mark’s eyes. And love.

In the photograph of a one-year-old Katie, with her brother and her grandma – a picture shared by my own elderly mother who still remembers when I was her baby girl. Mom’s eyes shine bright with love, too.

In an email sent to me from my sister Margie, thanking me for a few choice words in this very blog that came to her at just the time that she needed them most. She said they made her cry – there is love in tears.

And in an exclamation from my oldest sister, Ann, that there are no words for the fullness she feels in her heart, in gratitude for the smallest of offerings and gifts.

So rather than worrying that the words, the stories, the love has left me, I realize now that my heart is full to overflowing – and seemingly beyond expression.

But I’ll keep trying – to find the words, to share the stories, to live God’s love.